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I have a Confession to make.

There's something I’ve been holding back from you, and from myself.


The content I've been creating has been for seeking approval, not for genuine love and giving.


Sure, I’ve built up the platforms, the content, the clout, but have I been truly doing it for the right reasons? Or have I been hiding?


Last week, I enrolled into a 5-day leadership program recommended by my director friend Chris and one of my role models Lewis Howes.


The week gave me the opportunity to look at the parts of myself that hold me back. My beliefs that cut me off from the rest of the world.


I never looked it in the face before, but I chose to disconnect from others.


I would constantly avoid replying to messages, and avoid sharing or posting my thoughts because I didn’t feel they were worthy of taking up space.


And though I’ve grown a lot, the armored version of myself I’d built was on a foundation of a scared, lonely little boy who just wanted love and attention.


And because I’ve been so disconnected, I’d never acknowledged how much of an impact my presence can have on other people.


Because how was I to truly give to others, when I couldn’t even give to myself?


This program -- essentially an entire life experience hydraulic-pressed into 5 days -- was a wake-up call for how I’ve been living. It showed me beliefs I'd made up about the world that limited me from living my fullest potential.


And through trial by fire with 48 other aspiring individuals, I got to step into what true, genuine, loving leadership can look like.


Through that week, we got a taste of how blissful life can be if we choose to show up for it, and practice it regularly.


I’m writing this not only as an honest, vulnerable public reflection you hopefully can relate to, but also as my commitment to you: 


My readers, who have chosen to lend me your valuable time and attention— I am committed to sharing wisdom, vulnerability, and power with you.


I plan to continue pushing the possibilities of storytelling through FPV, and content creation, that isn’t changing— but the root of my motivations might be, and through that you may sense some change in essence.


I won’t always be perfect, but I promise to show up for myself and for you, so that you can do the same for yourself, and the world around you.


Thank you for reading friend. Talk soon,



P.S. With that, I invite you to ask yourself: What limiting beliefs are holding you back from becoming your greatest self?


Reflect on the question in your notes, it may be the first step to uncovering transformation.

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1 Comment

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson
Jan 24

Thank you for sharing this post. I've watched your videos for awhile, but today was my first visit to this site. Pretty sure that post is why I landed here today, I needed to read that.

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