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Vertigoh Vision helps innovative companies  showcase their brand through illuminating video solutions made with first person drone technology. 

These innovative pieces of content lead to higher levels of engagement, more sales, and a rush of inspiration for their customers along with their potential customers. Vertigoh Vision helps people see the world in beautiful new ways with our innovative drone videography! Book a call today.

We help your brand stand out and grow with your customers by combining social media marketing strategies with cutting-edge drone videography. Rather if you are looking to create an extremely compelling ad or content for your social media pages, we are here to help your company create an incredible video experience for your customers and your potential customers!

Southern California Ad and Video Production

With video as one of the most effective tools for spreading ideas, we guide emerging companies through an exciting and tailored production experience to achieve the results and growth they desire. Vertigoh Vision services companies in worldwide, with a focus in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the west coast.

We help our Clients solve their greatest challenges through Story, Connection, and Creativity. 

We combine the exciting possibilities of video production technology such as FPV (First Person View) Drone Cinematography with tailored social media marketing strategies, to take your business to the next level.

Let's spread your word through video.

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