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An Update on Future Content, & Personal Thoughts:

This is going to be a more vulnerable, honest letter than the last couple.

What’s been going through my head, as well as the direction my future content is going to move.

(Btw thank you everyone who filled in the form last week, it’s been very helpful in informing the next project I have for you all on the horizon 🌄 — more on that at the end of this letter.)

For the last couple years, I’ve been spending as much time as I improving my productivity, knowledge, and skills to contribute something unique to the creative / production space.

If I wasn’t spending time consuming self-help, business books or creating content, then I’d feel like I was doing something wrong.

I’d feel guilty doing anything that didn’t feel “productive.”

And don’t get me wrong, this got me to a place I am grateful for being in. I’ve been able to move to LA working production full-time, while building an audience that enjoys the work I put out.

But it often came at a cost. Burnout, surface-level relationships that didn’t go beyond work, and days where I didn’t feel excited to get out of bed, or anything else.

I’ve found myself at a place where FPV drones have been the main selling point of my brand and channel. I’m sure a lot of you found me and even decided to subscribe to this newsletter because of it.

I’ve never had online growth like this before, and I’m sure that if I keep charging forward with FPV content, I will achieve levels of growth and success I’ve never seen before.

But when I take an honest look at this future, I feel a level of guilt to say that it isn’t what is going to truly fulfill me.

And I’ve felt terrible saying this, because it’s what I thought I wanted all this time. 100,000's of subscribers, making money through a creative industry: it’s something most people would love to have.

And don’t worry, I’m not giving that up. there is just something more, something better I feel I have to offer than just teaching people how to fly RC aircraft.

FPV is an amazing tool, but it’s just one of many different tools that can be used to tell great stories, communicate ideas and express yourself.

One of the reasons I chose to start this newsletter was to have an outlet that shares what’s going on in my head beyond drones. A place for us to explore topics that will help us build a stronger mindset, a deeper understanding of what constitutes a creative career, and a fulfilling life.

I know hearing this might actually turn off some subscribers who are around to learn about just drones. This has been a hard pill to swallow, but if I continue creating content purely around FPV just to please and maintain those people, then I’d be running straight into the pits of burnout.

So the point of this letter is to declare to you, my closest audience members (as well as myself):

I will be making content that isn’t just geared towards teaching the specific niche of drones.

I will be more honest about sharing what’s going on in my mind, from the ideas that motivate me to create my best work, to the things that excite the inner child within me.

However, the overarching purpose of these newsletters and my content stays the same: to provide us the tools, information, and inspiration needed to create our best lives.

I will be starting a series soon that brings us into some of the greatest creative minds I know, and how they’ve navigated the world around them to find their definition of success, so that we can find our own.

The deadline for this project is my birthday on September 16th, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading friend,


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